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2 crazy dudes and 2 gentelmen

During the last seven years rains have not been enough, nor the grains, that is why farmers have not been sowing wheat in winter. But this year thanks to the rains all fields are green of wheat. And that is fabulous for doves!

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A 5 stars group

We have been looking forward to meet our great friend Ron Jacoby again. In his previous trip we had received him in our San Javier Lodge, located in the province of Santa Fe, for an outstanding mixed bag hunt. Ron and his group were a 5 stars group!!!

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Three brothers trip

We waited in Cordoba’s Airport for the LAN flight 4212 from Buenos Aires to Cordoba. Three brothers arrived on time to go to La Loma Lodge located at 80 km from the city of Cordoba, where the staff is waiting for them with a typical Argentine appetizer.

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Dove Hunt at La Loma Lodge

We received a group of 3 friends that came visit us last August for amazing dove hunting in Cordoba Argentina. They were not expecting such a big volume of doves, they were not expecting such a life experience, they were not expecting to meet amazing friends, they were not expecting to be in such a paradise;…

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4 Days of Perdiz Hunt

Amazing, can you believe that?! We have a friend that came to hunt with us last July. We did Perdiz hunt during 4 days in a row, and we had a fantastic time. He reach his limits 90% of the times, and his bag was always full.

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Million ducks

We have met with Albert and David more than 10 years ago. The first trip I shared with them was a big and noisy group of 12 hunters having a blast in Cordoba. I had met them again last winter at the SCI Las Vegas convention and we have been talking for half an hour, and they told me: “Pablo would you…

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First time

We had received a group a 4 hunters from Dallas Texas in early August that had a blast. Brothers David and Robert came to visit us to Plaza Real Lodge with 2 other great friends. It was the first time for them, and they have smoked in 4 days as many shells as they have shot in their entire life.

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Father and son special trip

In early August, our good friend John Bradshaw joined my son Josh and I on a great dream trip shooting doves in Argentina.  Josh and John had been twice and this was my fourth trip hunting.

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Top notch outfit

We have written in the title of this hunting report Will Hale's words! We are happy and proud that we have been able to delivery this hunters a trip that had exceeded their expectation. The food at the lodge was excellent! Federico did an amazing job and prepare unique delicatessens for us.

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Second mixed bag hunt

Sorry guys, sorry for my delay in this hunting report, but we have been so busy the last 60 days with groups in between 3 lodges, that this report was in our bucket list. Finally I woke up 3am when the house is in complete silence to start writing.

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Lots of Doves With Friends

In the same week we have received at La Loma Lodge our great friend Larry Ramming and David Wampler. They have arrived to Cordoba the last 6th july and they have also shared a great time with Marvin Gros and his group.

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My Wifes First Duck Hunt

We arrived in Santa Fe and the first thing we saw was the huge smile on our old friend Pablo's face, right then I knew it was going to be a wonderful trip!

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