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Shooting Reports & News

Doves Family and Kindness

Joshua, Chris and Michael arrived at Cordoba airport on the 16th of May, very early in the morning. We welcomed them at the airport and drove them to Plaza Real Lodge. There, they decided to rest for a while before starting the first hunt of their trip. Michael was Chris father’s and Joshua’s grandfather.

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So Much Fun at the Field

It’s time to start a new day in the world capital of dove hunting. The weather is nice, just as we predicted it, and it announces the day will be great. Temperatures are getting colder, which is a relief after a hot summer. The warm temperatures allow our guests to enjoy great days of hunting.

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This is Unique

In April in Argentina the birds start moving towards fields located in lower areas. The volume of birds is great; they move towards places with water and return in the afternoons to their roosts.

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Keep Up The Good Work

Great friends arrived on the 24th of April. Five Mexican-Americans, Rafael, Enrique, Edgardo, Fernando and Rogelio were welcomed at the airport by Gabriel, the company representative. He drove them straight to the field in the area of Jesus Maria.

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Great Hunting Experience in Argentina

Richard, John, Damon, Jason, Brad and Walter arrived on the 17th of April at Cordoba Airport. There, Federico, our guide and company representative was waiting for them to take them straight to the hunting field. The hunting that day was taking place towards the east of Jesus Maria city.

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Ultimate Dove Hunting in Cordoba

From Texas to Argentina, we receive another group of friends ready to have the hunting of their lives. Thomas, John, Juan Antonio and Casey. They arrive very early in the morning so our driver takes them straight to the lodge.

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Feathers in the Air

Hunting in Argentina is awesome all year round, but our guests have chosen the Fall to come to this country which offers amazing hunting experiences. We welcome Chad, Augusto, Kevin, Bill, Tim, and Don. They are all friends who met because their kids attend the same school.

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Everything Outstanding

Fall has already set in in Argentina and April is giving our guests magnificent weather to enjoy unique days of hunting. Warm, sunny days make the stay 100% enjoyable. Our guests George, Christopher, Robert and Daniel come from Texas and they are passionate hunters and fishermen.

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Friends Doves and Lots of Fun

Andrew, Clinton and Daniel arrived to Cordoba on the 14th of March, very early in the morning. We picked them up from the airport and drove them straight to the field for them to enjoy their first hunting session in Argentina.

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There Is No Better Place

The Smithie group of four recently joined us and chose to stay at La Loma Lodge. Steven and Katherine live in the Dallas, Texas area while Laura and Warren reside in Missoula, Montana. The only experienced hunter of the group recently underwent back surgery and was unable to shoot.

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Waves and Waves of Doves

Rick Monical, his daughter Tara, and his soon to be son-in-law Chris Wemmert arrived at La Loma Lodge late in the evening on a Wednesday. Since their plane landed in Cordboba at night, they were not able to hunt on the day of their arrival.

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They Couldnt Believe Their Eyes

James, James II, James L and Mark arrived at Cordoba Airport on the 13th of March. Our guide and driver Federico picked them up and took them straight to the hunting field in an area called La Para. There, they hunted up to 12.30 when they enjoyed a delicious lunch.

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