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One morning, sitting in my desk with hot cup of coffee, I had started on internet opening emails, business websites, and Pointer Wingshooting social media links. There was a lot of email to answer that Wednesday and some meetings too; we were expecting a busy day at the office meanwhile our head guide Martin was dove hunting close by to Cañada de Luque City. One thing surprise me that morning more than anything else: a new invitation on facebook and a surprising message!!!!?

I had met Jake Egan like 2 months ago through facebook. He is a great kid in his early twenties. He had born in Alabama and it was his first trip to Argentina; he was traveling around and learning Spanish when he contacted us. He wanted to visit and see by himself the unlimited dove hunting in Cordoba Argentina.

So, we had invited to be our guest with one group from the northern east part of US 3 week later. One morning he show up and Maidel from our Company picked him up. What a great experience! He was invited by us as our guest; with no expenses for him. Why? Because in life there is times to give away and times to receive and he was needing a hand! We have decided to help him visit our amazing hunting lodges and fields!

But this report is about Ken, right? And who is Ken? Well, life is strange and sometime unexpected. Ken had called us 2 weeks after Jake had left and introduce himself one Thursday and the following Monday he was hunting with us! Ken had decided to Join us at Plaza Real Lodge for dove hunt in Cordoba after he had received a great report from Jake. Ken was coming to Argentina to visit his daughter and, also ended up hunting for 2 days with Pointer Wingshooting

We have hunted Feedlots: Birds concentrate to feed on big feedlots, and are great shooting options for some months of the year specially late April and May.

In the North of Córdoba we shoot in the hills 70% of the time. This is a very dry area with rocks and short hills, full of mid-high bushes with thorns that make the terrain tough but not impossible. The remaining 30% of the time we shoot in fields with crops or natural grass that make stalking for animals very easy.

For this hunt we have use Beretta shotguns, RD ammunition, some Cabelas gear, Under Armour clothes and Costa sun glasses and we enjoy some wines from bodegas Salentein. 

Ken came back to Buenos Aires and we have recommended him to visit the Iguazu Waterfalls, that are amazing. 

Season is open and it is time now for rock and roll! Just shoot us an email or give us a call!

We keep in touch.

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters


Dear Pablo, 

Thank you for everything this weekend. I had an awesome time observing your operation. I thought that everything was very well operated, your facilities are very nice, your bird boys are excellent, and the food was also incredible. Thank you very much for inviting me out for the weekend, and I am sorry that I was not able to shake your hand in person to display my gratitude. I was not feeling well last night and I told maidel that I was going to head in to cordoba this morning. I plan to tell all my friends and family about pointer wing shooting and I will continue to try and get a group to head your way. If at all possible, I would love to purchase some pointer wing shooting merchandise, a hunting shirt or collared shirt to be mailed to my house so I can continue to advertise your excellent operation. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Sincerely, Jake Egan 

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