Big Joe is back

I was thinking about Big Joe; and I just remember a movie name, Who is Joe Black?. And I had probably remembered it because I think that you would like to know who Big Joe is, right?

Well, for your information, Big Joe is a frequent hunter and guest at Pointer Wingshooting lodges. We all know him because he smokes shells, as a young kid eat candies in a Candy store. He really likes to pull the trigger and get his barrels hot. Barrels of his shotguns get red as brick in the fire! He easily shoot over a 1000 birds a day or even in one session; and he had shoot over 2000 shells one day. 

He is the kind of guest that is always in good temper, always having fun, and always thinking about the hunting. He loves hunting, and he had joined us last week with three other friends from Texas: Rick, Darren and Jason. They have chosen La Loma Lodge for their last dove hunting trip to Cordoba, unlike the trip before in which they have been at San Javier Lodge hunting ducks, perdices and doves.

La Loma Lodge is perfectly situated between the two most prized dove roosts in Cordoba. La Loma Program offers superb shooting year-round. It is 60 minutes driving from the airport; just close by to Totoral City on national road number 9. It is one of the best lodges for dove hunting in Argentina.

This Famous Argentinian Estancia has been renovated in 2014 and it is now one of the most requested destinations for Dove Hunting in Northern Cordoba. It is an excellent private lodging with superior service. One of the best hunting lodges.

Situated next to the biggest dove roost in Argentina, the rides to the fields are a convenient 10 to 40 minutes. La Loma’s staff, the delicious Argentinian meals and copious amounts of doves combine to make this a very memorable dove-shooting trip. For unlimited doves or the best dove hunt ever in Argentina, we highly recommend this lodge.

This time they have been in the field with 2 other groups that were at Plaza Real Lodge, so we have been busy in the field with over 14 people in a week. Rick, a very good friend of Big Joe had shoot 5000 birds in 2 days in a row; that was a nice record; let’s see who can bit that one.

Weather was great, and we did not have rain that week. Hunting was amazing and we saw great doves\\\' flights. Eared Dove shooting is one of the most challenging and exciting shooting programs around the world. Dove shooting in Cordoba is as well-known as Driven Pheasant shooting in the UK, duck shooting in Manitoba, Upland Pheasant in Dakota, or Quail hunting in Georgia. It is important to understand that dove shooting is a very friendly program for all family members; but it does not mean that it is going to be easy to hit birds down.

We hope you should be the next one.

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters


"Without a doubt it was a trip of a life time for me.  I love to dove hunt and there is no better place than Argentina and with Pointers Outfitters.  The hunting,equipment, accommodations and personnel were awesome.   It was my first time to travel out of the country and to go on a hunting trip.  I was a little nervous,being my first time, but once we arrived the folks at Pointer Outfitters made me feel very comfortable which allowed me to truly take in the whole experience."

Richard Lee Jahn

Thanks Pablo you know how to may a person feel good. We just want to thank you for the great time and the great hunting. I have been to Argentina 6 times and this was the best high volume dove hunt I ever had. The Lo Loma Lodge was the very best lodge I have ever stay in down there. All the Guys just thought it was wonderful. We are planning another trip soon and will want to stay there again. Also thanks to all your people. They was very good from the hunts to the cooking. Everything was just super for our group. Thanks for putting us up on the web site. Never dream of being featured as BIG JOE on your web site. Thanks and will see you soon. Your Friend BIG JOE  The Barrel Melter

Joe Lauer

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