We exceeded her expectations

She is a great woman on her fifty’s. She had made the decision to do a special trip with her son and daughter for her 50 years birthday, and we have thought that San Javier Lodge was the best option for big volume ducks, unlimited doves, amazing perdiz, exotic snipe (or becazine) and also fishing or fly fishing for golden dorado. The delta we fish at San Javier lodge had other exotic fish like Piraña, Surubi, Pacu, and Rayas.

We have been in touch for most than 6 months and finally the day come truth. We picked them up at the airport in the morning and we arrived just for lunch time in a Monday morning. We had a complete week for fun.

We hunted doves the first afternoon and we shooted semiautomatic shotguns Beretta 20 and 12 gauges and one over and under because Elizabeth was left handed. We used 7 ammunition and 25 gr shells. The first afternoon we had some birds to warm up, despite the fact that there was a lot of doves in the sky, especially at the end of the day. 

The following morning we woke up at 5am and we made the decision to go for ducks. It was a great morning, we arrive on perfect timing and Kristopher made his limit because he was shooting around 35% accuracy. He had like a dozen ducks in less than two hours. 

Katherine wanted to do the fishing so we made 2 days for fishing and we had a great time. They made the grand slam and fished all the species in the first day. We have good pics to prove that amazing record.

This was becoming an epic trip and the horse riding had made it too good to be true. They all enjoyed the horse riding and the local customs on horse riding. They have learned about criollo horses and polo pony horses very quick. They were close by to go working with the cattle one day, amazing.

Katherine had made some new friends in San Javier; she met her Argentinian teddy bear and also became friends with 4 new puppy’s that were born a couple of days ago. She just loved them. We have bought special food for the dogs and she fed them every day. If she had stayed one more day, she would have taken the puppy’s home.

We enjoyed Federico's great food, Ricardo's great attention, and Teresa, Soledad and Francisco in the lodge. It was the first time we made some Thai massages and they were a great success.

It was a great first group for the season and now we are ready to have tons of fun with our guest.

You should be the next one.

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience last week at the lodge!  I had such a great time there hunting, fishing, eating, and playing with the puppies, of course!  The service, staff, and amenities were top notch and I look forward to returning some day in the near future.  Thank you for your hospitality.  It was certainly a vacation I will never forget!


Katie (and Argentina)


I wanted to send you a quick thank you for the great time we had in Santa Fe. It was beyond what I had imagined in many ways. The estancia was amazing and everyone on the staff was so dedicate to making our experience a great one. The hunting experience cannot be matched. I have never seen so many birds! There was never a single minute that I felt bored or was without something to do. It was great to have the fishing and horseback riding available in between hunts. The thing that impressed me the most during our stay there was how punctual everyone was. Everything ran so smoothly and when we said we were going to leave at 5 to go dove hunting, the staff was ready at 4:45 and making sure we had everything we needed. I hope to be back to visit in the near future and do not hesitate to contact me if you are ever back in New Orleans, I would love to grab a beer!

Thanks Again.

Kris M.

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