Let me tell you about having fun

2 young chaps came to visit us a few days ago! I should say 2 young dudes, made it to Cordoba; or now, that we know them, we should say 2 great buddies came to hunt with us. Why did they come?

Well, they heard about Argentina from fellow hunters and they knew Cordoba was the best place on earth for dove hunting. They also knew that Pointer and its dedicated staff would be the best choice based on a long built relationship with Blake Wampler who recommended Pointer Outfitters.

When you talk about dove hunting in Cordoba, Argentina; Pointer will be one of the few brands able to provide you with the best hunting experience. We dove hunt daily with guest from all around US and EU. The reason people continue to talk about us is because we have selected the best lodges and hunting areas for our guests. We provide options in terms of quality and pricing to be sure we can take everybody hunting.

For us at Pointer it was important to entertain 2 great gentlemen and future leaders in business! 

These young chaps know what they are doing and their parents should be proud of them; two great friends from college that will definitely be back in Cordoba sooner rather than later for more stellar hunting. 

They were spoiled to say the least. There is no longer a possibility to go dove hunting in Texas and not sulk a bit when reminiscing about their time in Argentina. Now, dove hunting has a different meaning for them. Unlimited doves! Big Volume doves! The best dove hunt experience! The best hunting service! The best people and great camaraderie!

They shoot more than 140 boxes of shells in a couple of days and bagged over 2,000 birds each; and they have accomplished that only in 3 or 4 days!! Now, you know what we are talking. There are different options or ways to go dove hunting, but we know only one: The best one!

Food was great, field camp was amazing, shot guns worked great, people was always there taking good care of us; that is what people normally tell us! And we are proud to continue that tradition. 

You should be the next to enjoy this experience. 

Next time we will take Stratton and Ben for a mixed bag hunt and show them the Santa Fe area or Entre Rios province. There are great options in Argentina; you just need to be with the right people.

Happy hunting,

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Wingshooting



Hope you get at least some sort of break the next few weeks. Thanks again for coordinating everything. I\\\'ve been telling people at work about how great the organization was and that all we had to do was show up. I\\\'ll be sure to recommend them your way if they plan on making a trip down that way. 

Thanks again, Ben

I had a wonderful time! I definately plan to be back within the 24 month window so we will coordinate as things shakeout over the upcoming months.  Please stay in touch and I look forward to another long visit.

Cheers, Stratton

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