Cordoba Doves Mystery

When Luis had contacted us about a dove hunt in April, we knew it would be a challenge. This last season the crops have been delayed because farmers had planted them later. That makes a high difference in dove’s behavior this season. Probably the issue that we have 20 inches of rain in 2 months affected also they behavior. We normally have 20 inches all year round.

The issue was that this March & April season was very unpredictable. Most of the outfitters had problems hunting this year because of the bird’s new behavior; and we are proud to say that after searching for doves three times more than regular we finally had the key for great hunts with our big group from Laredo, Texas.

By the time Luis and his friends landed in Cordoba the birds were no longer in Macha valley.  We picked them up at the airport one morning and we were all ready for 5 days of hunt in Cordoba. I had a feeling that we would have a great time, but honestly talking I had not seen the fields that the head guide Martin and his field guide Federico had chosen; but I trusted their experience 100% percent. The first day we drove like one hour and a half direct to the field, and we arrived in a moment of the day (it was noon) when birds are not normally in the sky.

We did some warm up shoots and we have lunch in the field, as we always like to do. I was very confident about a great hunt because we were able to see some birds in the sorghum filed on our arrival, but it was not till 4pm when the sky became black of doves. We couldn’t believe it; it was amazing and we told our friends to smoke their shoulders and shoot as many birds as they were able to. Luis son made the biggest bag that first day, and he would be the biggest bag for the whole trip either. Alex is a great shooter too. It is a big pleasure to see him in action.

We have been shooting all 12 gauges shotguns mostly Browning 725, Krieghoff  K80, Browning Cynergy, Browning 525 and Blaser F3. Our shells were local brand RD and ammunition # was 7 or 7 and a half; there was not a single issue with the shot guns, and we had clean the completely every day as we always do. 

We have also shot with them in a great corn field and close by to an amazing roosting area. With this group we have the surprise to see a burn full of doves in the roof like we have never seen before. The hunt logistics was complicated by a bridge that had fall down in road number 9, between Totoral and Las Peñas; but was not a bigger issue for our friends. We have found great fields despite that problem.

The total number of doves for the group was over 16,000 thousands birds, which made the trip amazing besides Alex did his own record on birds and shells.

In our next report we will tell you about the pigeon hunt we have done with our friends in which all of our guests were able to get the limit. We were extremely happy and surprised with this hunt we have done, and we are expecting to repeat it soon.

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters

Pablo, Good afternoon . 

There really isn't words to describe what I experienced . The trip is a hunt of a lifetime . From the accommodations to the guides to the friendships that are made it's amazing . Birds everywhere, outstanding service 24/7 the best of the best . 

Thank you Jerry vasquez 

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