CUBA chico!

I have met Mark on the phone some months ago. We have been in touch by email and we organize a dove hunting trip for October. It is difficult to meet people by phone, but we both have the same feeling: “This is a cool guy”. And we were not wrong. What a great group of people!

Dove shooting in Cordoba was great last week. Most of our fields had amazing volume of doves, and the birds were flying almost all day long. “Tranquera roja” field and “Bernardo” field were amazing, especially with the new blind we set up in the hills for big volume and low birds hunt. 

We hunted there with Mark and his friends from Victoria (TX) and San Antonio (TX) having a great time. Our main goal was try to hit 25 doves in a row. Gabriel, known as “numero 1”, was loading Mark’s shotgun and I was standing behind him, when he asked me about where would be my next trip.

I answered him: CUBA Chico!

He stop hunting. He asked: Can we go?. Hahahaha

Yes, no problem. 

So we started dreaming about some amazing bonefish in the Cuba flats, tarpons and permits. One location, for amazing salt water fly-fishing. I explained Mark about the great options for fishing in Cuba and about the special fishing licenses that the US government authorizes for this specific purpose. He said: If you can make it, I´m in!

We smoked 300 shells meanwhile we were talking about a trip to Cuba. 

Finally, I promise to send them a report as soon as I get back. At Pointer Outfitters we have a great deal on dove hunts, for those that purchase a trip to Cuba for fly fishing. You get a trip for free accommodations at Plaza Real Lodge open for 24 months after your fishing trip to Cuba. Can you believe it? Only with Pointer Outfitters.

His friend Tucker walked to our spot, and we had changed the subject to dove hunting again. Now, it was competition time. We had to shoot 25 shells each for 20 bucks! And that was it. I will keep in secret who was the winner. Martin our head guide did an exhibition and showed his great skills. What is good about Martin is that he is proud to help and coach people in the field and he does it in a very humble way, and that is what people just love about him.

We should say, that most of our dove hunting days in October were great and with lovely weather. We had only one Saturday in the field where we got wet, just before lunch; but we were able to have a really nice barbecue at the field anyway. The rain was not that bad, that is why we always recommend our guests to bring a rain coat.

We tested the Benelli SuperSport Shotgun 12-Gauge, Chambered for 2-3/4´´ and 3´´,  with Ultra-reliable Inertia Driven system, what makes a hole of a difference in Cordoba dove shooting. We all agree that the ComforTech recoil reduction system is great, and we would like to check how it works under pressure. Phil and Todd like the Ported Crio barrel with extended Crio chokes and the unique carbon fiber finish. It is a very good shotgun for Cordoba dove hunt. We hope you will enjoy it in your next dove hunt trip with Pointer Outfitters.

In the fields, for the daily hunts, our crew tested the Toyota trucks. We have been in a new field with rocks and complicated roads and our trucks worked very good. The Toyota Hilux is a durable and great-value alternative, acceleration is impressive for such a large machine, and it’s more refined at a cruise, too.  Hilux is all about function, with a standard four-door body and a large pick-up bed behind it. On the inside, the dash is constructed from hard, durable plastics, but quality and assembly are first-class. Great pick up for dove hunting in Cordoba!

This was a special group. They had tons of energy, and after the hunts we were out at the fire pit for some drinks. We had a great night at Johnny B Good bar in Cordoba city, and we enjoyed some great double vodkas with tonic and amazing appetizers. Gary said: “Tienes chile picante” and from that time, we always had some “chiles” and hot sauce for Gary. 

We enjoyed some of the best spicy dove breasts ever!!

Pablo Aguilo



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