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There are good places to go shoot all over around the world. Dakotas are famous for up land pheasants, Georgia is famous for quails, Spain for red leg partridge, UK for driven pheasants and partridge; but not many places as San Javier Lodge are famous for hunting four different species in the same Lodge.

The San Javier Lodge is located 100 miles north from Santa Fe City airport, that is two and half hours’ drive to arrive at paradise. Normally hunters make and overnight flight to Buenos Aires and spend a day in this wonderful city, visiting Recoleta, New Port and Famous cemetery; some other enjoy Tango or just go to restaurants like “Las Lilas” for a great Argentine barbecue. The following morning they take one hour flight to San Javier where our main guide will be waiting for them at the airport.

The species shoot at San Javier are: amazing ducks, unlimited doves, unique perdiz and challenging snipe. The season goes from early May to late August and normally people come for 5 nights to enjoy this wonderful Lodge.

In this report, we would like to talk about how was the hunting in July and August 2014, and we will talk about our friends from Texas and Louisiana, that came this season and had a great time with. We hunted great ducks with Lance and Eric and all the chaps the first evening. We lend some camo Cabelas waders to some of our friends, and we hunted at the “cañadas” on mainland and the islands in the San Javier Delta. 

The experience to go by boat to the wildlife delta area, early in the morning and the great feeling of nature alive have no comparison in any other duck hunt in Argentina. The sounds of the engine of the boats, the slow wind in the early mornings, sometimes the moonlight over our heads, and the crew ready to go hunting with all decoys, shotguns and equipment. One of the first things our guests realize, is that here in South America we call the ducks with different sounds than in US. For calling the ducks we use electronic calls and also some handmade callers that our field assistants make with empty shells. When the ducks start coming to the blind is a unique experience, all that wildlife coming to us, and we are waiting with our shotguns loaded and ready to go. One record was in less than 15 minutes! Two people hunted 60 ducks in less than 15 minutes!!! Amazing! What a great day.

The second day we hunted doves. We were close to the roosting area and birds were flying in a really lovely way, both in the morning and afternoon. The terrain in San Javier is not as hilly as Cordoba, but in spite of this difference, dove hunting could be as good as the best places in the country. Normally when we go dove hunting we spend all day in the field and we do a barbecue like “Cordoba Style”.  It is very important to set good blinds to be covered so doves will not see us till they are over our heads. This season 95% of our guests shot Berettas Urika 12 and 20 gauge for the doves in San Javier.

We hunt snipe in the same way we hunt the ducks, that is in the islands of the Delta and we normally walk in teams of two hunters and a guide. Snipe is a very challenging shoot and no many hunters are used to it. It could be frustrating sometimes trying to get a half dozen snipes. So far Alistair was one of the best shooters.

The popular hunt in San Javier is the perdiz. Everybody loves to walk behind the dogs waiting for the unpredictable flashes from the perdiz. This bird is like a quail, but is normally alone or in pairs of two. The dog points the bird and wait for the hunter to get closer, then the bird flashes and our guest should be ready to shoot. Jay, Joe, Richard and Eric had enjoyed it a lot in our last season. You could see some pictures below.

We would like to thanks to more than a 100 guys that have chosen us for wingshooting in this 2014 season. We would like to let you know that we will be working in the interior design of the lodge for next season and we would like to surprise you with some new improvements that will make San Javier even better. 

Be sure NOT to wait to last minute for making reservations, because 2015 seems to be a great season and we have already had reservations. By early next year probably there will be very few options to come shoot at this great lodge. We stay tuned.

Happy Hunts

Pablo Aguilo


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