Delighted with our Time in Cordoba

With spring time, days are getting warmer and longer. It's an ideal time to enjoy some wing shooting with friends!

Gus, Ted, Tony and Lee arrived at the end of September. We welcomed them in the morning and took them to the Jesús María lowlands to start the hunt. They shot until it was time to have some lunch. Guillermo, the cook, was waiting for them at the camp with some asado, salads, red wine and dessert. After lunch, we went on with the wing shooting until it was time to head back to the hotel.

They were staying at the Jesús María Resort & Hotel, a beautiful hotel that provides our guests with the best of the countryside together with some city comfort, making their trip unforgettable.

Usually, the pick-up time is at 7.30 in the morning, but with this group we made an exception and scheduled to pick them up everyday at the hotel at 8 am. They enjoyed having hearty breakfasts, and we let them took their time to do it. They had lots of coffee, slices of toasts and fruit.

On their second day, we went back to Jesús María. The weather was getting warmer and the hunting was exceptional! 

The following day, we drove to Sierras Chicas, which are one of the oldest and most beautiful in the country. The hunting in that area is great and the landscape is wonderful.

After lunch, the group enjoyed some sobremesa time. Sobremesa is the tradition of relaxing and chatting at the table after a heavy meal. It usually begins after dessert is served and it lasts between half an hour to an hour. They chatted and shared some anecdotes with the field assistants while smoking habanos.

In the afternoon, they resumed the shooting in the sierras.

For the 4th day, we went back to Jesús María. They took advantage of the warm weather and hunted the whole morning non-stop until lunch time. There was a great volume of doves and Gus shot 1000 of them! He was very happy because that was one of his goals! 

During the afternoon, birds kept on flying everywhere and we all agreed it was the best day of wing shooting! 

On the 5th and last day, they decided to hunt only in the morning and have one more  lunch at the field with the whole team. After saying goodbye and thanking everyone for an unforgettable trip, they went back to the hotel to get ready and head to the airport. Gus was flying back home to the States, while Tony, Lee and Ted were staying a few more days in Córdoba to get to know the city a little bit more.

And you, would you like to be the next one?


Federico Silva

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina

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