Wonderful Time Shooting in Argentina

Two groups of friends but only one big group of hunters: a perfect combination!

On August 5th, the Jesus Maria Resort welcomed Greg, Mike, Thomas, Keith and Mathias. The previous night, they stayed at the Azur Real hotel in Córdoba, so we picked them up there to take them to the field. When we met them, we realized we were going to have much fun with them!

That first morning was a short hunting, but after having lunch in the field -a lavish and delicious asado cooked by our chef Fede Gervasoni- we took a few minutes off and began the hunting again. It a was an afternoon full of doves! They had so many options to shoot that they didn’t know what to choose first!

The second day we picked them up at the resort and went to the flats of Jesús María. It was a short trip since the resort was closed to the field. It was a beautiful morning! They shot more than 20 boxes each. At mid- morning, it became really windy and it was difficult to see through the dust. August is a dry and windy month, so sometimes this happens. 

Since it was too risky to set fire, we decided that the option was to have lunch in nearby restaurant - just 5 minutes away. Our guests were happy to be there. We were sheltered from the wind and we ate so good! Fortunately, the wind died down and we could go back to the field. Around 1:30 pm, we were shooting again: so many doves! They shot more than 10 boxes each - it was an exhausting day! Back to the lodge, they had dinner early. They wanted to try Argentinian pizza, since they have heard of it! They enjoyed some slices of pizza and some beers: the perfect combination! 

August 7th was the third day for our group, but that day a new group joined us to enjoy this hunting paradise! We welcomed Andrew, Kyle,  Brad, John, Terry and Ryan who stayed in San Huberto Lodge. It was their second trip with Pointer Outfitters, so they knew how everything is here. They remembered all their bird boys and were anxious to see them again!

Both groups met and got like a house on fire! It was a great morning: so many doves that they must have a quick thinking to choose one!

The afternoon session was a bit challenging. Back to the field, the doves took off high and fast, boosted by the wind. Despite of these harsh conditions, we had a magnificent hunting!

The next day was the last one for Greg and his friends, while Andrew and his team had some days ahead. It was, in my opinion, the best day of all. It was a superb way of closing this hunting trip. They were impressed by our country: the people, service, hospitality, doves and much more!

Meanwhile, the other team had some days to keep on enjoying this incredible hunting. The best was yet to come!


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Mariano Taboada

Field Guide


Edited by Julieta Romero Díaz

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