It Doesnt Get Any Better Than This

One of the best groups we had the pleasure to be hunting with was the one of Andy Mitchell, his son and his friends. They came here once again to shoot, have a good time and relax at La Loma lodge.

We welcomed Andy, the leader of the group, on a cold morning at the beginning of August. It’s the third year Andy visited us, and this time he came with many friends! He was the first one to arrive, while his friends were expected to get here in the afternoon.

We picked him up at the airport and took him to La Loma lodge, where his son Gage was expecting him. Gage had been working as an intern for two months in one of the lodges in Santa Fe, so it’s fair to say the father and son reunion was quite special.

Andy got some snacks, freshened up and was ready to go to the field!

We headed to the lowlands in Jesús María. The day was perfect! It was sunny and the sky was clear. 

They had our traditional asado for lunch, and both Andy and Gage shot side by side during the afternoon. They decided to return to the lodge at around 4:00 pm to meet the rest of the group. 

Dustin, Brad and Donnie arrived at 6:00 pm, while Justin, Weldon and Wes got here later that evening. The group was complete!

They stayed at La Loma lodge, a beautiful estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in our country. It is located in Totoral, near one of the biggest dove roosts in Argentina.

The following day, we picked them up at 8:00 in the morning and we returned to the lowlands. This time we went to a new field. A great 500-acres corn field crossed by a branch of the Jesús María river. It was windy and cold, but it was a great hunting day for everyone! 

Leo, the cook, made dove brochettes with bacon and bell peppers. It was delicious! 

We resumed the hunt after some well deserved siesta. We returned to the lodge since everyone had massages schedules. It was a good way to end such a hectic day!

Since almost everyone from the group had already hunted in Argentina, we wanted to take them to different fields and locations. On day 3 we drove to La Para, a small town in Río Primero, in the north of Córdoba. We went to a field with roosts and the hunting was great!

Dustin had brought a baseball and the field assistants made a bat out of a tree branch. Baseball is not a common sport in Argentina. We had zero experience batting and no one could hit the ball! It was incredibly fun and it was one of the greatest afternoons we ever had in the field!    

It must be stressed that all of them were always on time and ready to go every time we picked them up at the lodge. It must be also stressed that Justin and Dustin were quite concerned with their looks, and took some time to get ready. This was just another fun trait of the group! 

Day 4 found us in Jesús María once again, but in a new field. This time we were lucky to have north wind. In this particular field, north wind was a great advantage because doves flew in the opposite direction, from south to north, and, as a consequence, they flew really low giving us the chance to shoot non-stop!

They were exhausted so they decided to stop shooting and get some rest before lunch. Leo, the cook, prepared some dove snacks on toast with olive oil and chimichurri. They loved it! 

After that, we had lunch and resumed the hunting.

On their last day of wing shooting, we drove to the Sierras Chicas. We went to the fields “El Gavilán” in the morning and switched to the “El Verde” in the afternoon. They were delighted with the landscape! 

After lunch, we had another baseball match scheduled! Bradley was the one who taught us the positions and Dustin was the pitcher, the one who throws the baseball towards the catcher. We had a lot of fun! After the match, the group hunted for only two more hours.

It was a group of amazing people, always willing to have a good time!

And you, would you like to be the next one?

Federico Silva

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina 

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