Really Good Time Hunting in Argentina

July was coming to an end when this lovely family landed in Argentina. Not only were they coming for an amazing dove hunting, but also to visit the most beautiful places of our country.

On July 26th we went to the airport to welcome Richard and Lougia, together with their kids Katherine and Adam. They were so happy to arrive. They came from the Iguazu Falls. They were amazed by that natural beauty!

Richard and Adam were ready to start the hunting. We took them straight away to the field. Once there, they changed their clothes, had a quick lunch, and let the hunting begin! Doves were flying high, which makes the shooting more challenging, but there weren’t many of them. Then, we decided to move to a different post, where doves were still high but more abundant! There was the perfect place to hunt. We had a great first afternoon in the field!

Meanwhile, Lougia and Katherine were on their way to La Loma lodge, a really private and beautiful place, ideal for families. 

The following day we picked Richard and Adam up very early in the morning. It was quite a long way, but we make the most of that time: Richard told us many stories about his hunting trips all around the world. He is such an interesting and funny man! This made the trip entertaining and finally, we got to the field. It was a quite morning. Adam took advantage of this and took his phone out to watch a series on Netflix. Meanwhile, Richard was shooting like crazy! When lunch time came, we enjoyed a lavish asado! Father and son loved this traditional Argentina meal. Richard chose to accompany the meal with a good Malbec wine. And for dessert, they were delighted with tiramisu, a mixture of vanilla cookies, cream, coffee and chocolate. Right after the lunch was over, Richard went back to the hunting. It was a great afternoon session – there were hundreds of doves! Meanwhile, Adam helped me and the bird boys with the shells and made us a lot of jokes! It was a great day. On our way back to the lodge, both of them took a nap to recharge energies after a long day! 

As for Lougia and Kate, they spent their day touring around Jesús Marií and Colonia Caroya. They got to know the best of them and learned a little bit about Argentina!

The third day, Federico Silva -one of our guides-, picked Richard and his son up from the lodge and took them to the field. Filo and I were waiting for them there. It was a cloudy day. Richard loved the weather, since it was similiar to his home – the UK. Yet, because of this, there weren’t many birds. Doves usually don’t come  out as much as in a sunny day. Fortunately, the day improved and the flock started to flew above us! We made the most of the day! Around 4 pm we began our way back to the lodge. Richard was tired and wanted to have some rest. When we arrived to the lodge, some appetizers were waiting for us. Lougia and Kate were there waiting for the rest of the family, so they could share the amazing day they had too! They went to a cooking class, where they could learn how to prepare some of the most popular Argentine meals like empanadas and pastry. 

The last day was, in my opinion, the best day! We went to a field full of doves. It was a sunny day, a beautiful day. In the morning Richard shot a whole box of shells. But in the afternoon, he doubled that and made more than a thousand doves! It was a wonderful ending for the whole hunting!

Meanwhile, Luogia and the kids were enjoying an amazing ATV adventure. They had a blast!

On the following morning, we took them to Cordoba, where they would spend the night and will begin their trip to Mendoza. 

We really enjoyed their company, and we hope they had too, as much as we did!

We hope to see you back soon. 




Pointer Outfitters, Argentina. 

Bartolome Luna

Field Guide


Edited by Julieta Romero Díaz

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