You Should Be The Next One Here

San Huberto lodge has welcomed a new group of guests: Jim, Andy, Taylor and Michael. They’ve chosen this lodge since it’s ideal for groups of friends who desire comfort and excellent service in a private atmosphere.

The first one to arrive was Andy. He arrived past midnight, we welcomed him and drove him to the lodge so he could get some rest. As he needed some rest, he decided he didn’t want to go hunting in the morning, so we agreed to pick him up at noon so he could have lunch in the field with his friends.

The rest of the group, Jim, Taylor and Michael, arrived later that same morning, and couldn’t wait to go hunting! So we drove them straight to the field! We went to the Jesús María lowlands and had a great first day

The group got a good night's sleep, and so the following day, we left the lodge at 6 in the morning. We went back to the lowlands, the same area as the day before. It was still dark, but we got there just in time! 10 minutes after we arrived and settled, we caught the flight of doves from their loft at dawn. They were amazed by the amount of birds!

They were not experienced hunters, but they came on this trip with the idea of shooting 1000 doves and have a good time with friends! That morning they shot between 28 and 29 boxes!

At around 11 am, we decided to stop and get some rest since doves were flying high anyway… 

We had lunch at camp and, in the afternoon, the group wanted to head back to the lodge because it was getting really cold.

For their third day, we drove to Las Arrias, a small town of only 1100 inhabitants located in Tulumba, in the north of Córdoba province. We went to a new field with a new roost. 

It was cloudy and it was raining, but the group managed to shoot some great shots! At around noon, the rain stopped and so they made the most of that! The shot nonstop!

At lunchtime, they were joined by another group and they enjoyed our traditional asado. The food and wine were delicious! 

In the afternoon there were thousands of birds! It was a great afternoon and they all had a lot of fun! 

On their last hunting day, we returned to the lowlands, this time to a corn field. We got there early and it was, by far, the best day of hunting! Michael really wanted to get to 1000 doves, and once he did, he was thrilled! 

We had lunch early, because they wanted to take advantage of the afternoon. The didn’t want to waste any minute! 

During the afternoon, Jim really wanted to shoot 1000 doves, so once he got to 700, everyone was encouraging him to do so. The look on his face when he reached than number was priceless! 

Overall, it was a great hunt and the group was amazing!

And you… would you like to be the next one?

Mariano Taboada

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina

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