Enjoying the Shooting in Cordoba

This group arrived on the 24th at 8.20 am at Cordoba’s airport. Cesar Fuentes, one of our most professional drivers, picked them up and took them straight to Casablanca Lodge.

As they traveled for an hour from the airport to the lodge, they arrived around 10.30 am and decided to have breakfast, have lunch at the lodge and then start hunting in the afternoon. We took them to what we call "El Bajo" in Jesus Maria, one of the best places to hunt in the area.

This time we were accompanied by Angela, David's wife, Kip, Michael, Bob and John. Most of them were great hunters who had come before with other companies so they were happy to try hunting with us. Having a lot of experience as hunters makes everything much more interesting and better, since even we learn new things from great professionals.

The first day we hunted in “El bajo”, as mentioned before,  for two and a half hours in a field of threshed corn. The day was very sunny but with a south wind, which made the doves fly higher than usual. Around 5.20 pm we returned to the lodge to conclude its first day which was very good but quiet.

The second day we returned to the same place as the previous day, with a rainy day that changed the direction of the dove, the flight, etc., but in Jesus Maria, luckily, the beaten fields are always good, beyond the weather . We hunted until 12.15 pm and then we went to have lunch. The cook was Federico Gervasoni, always great reviews for he does an impeccable job and the customers were very happy.

After lunch we returned to the hunting blinds to do the afternoon hunt. The south wind complicated us and the dove went high. It was a hard afternoon but David enjoyed the high doves a lot so he was very happy despite the wind. A great afternoon! Angela, shot many doves and had a lot of fun!

On the third day, Kip, who already knew the area and knew which were the best places to hunt on this season in Argentina, asked me if there was any chance of going to the mountains and luckily the doves were flying very well in that area so we went to there.

The morning was quite cold, -4 degrees, but very good! They are a wonderful group that came to see how the hunt in Argentina was, since it is something well known worldwide.

We had lunch around 12.30 and went hunting again at 2.30 pm until 5 pm. The hunt in the mountains is very interesting, since it comes in all directions and makes everything more fun, so luckily they enjoyed it very much.

A great group for a great season.

I hope to see you soon to continue enjoying!


Federico Silva

Head Guide

Translated by Victoria Fallótico

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