Doves Doves And More Doves

A little drizzle didn’t stop Matt and Charles to join the 1000 Doves Club.

April was ended and we had the pleasure of meeting Matt, Charles, Terry and Alan. We had an amazing time with them and even though the weather wasn’t ideal, that didn’t stop us from having a blast!


As soon as they arrived in Cordoba’s airport, we went straight to the field for some of our famous Asado. The perfect introduction to Argentina!

After lunch, Doves were flying high, so it was time to start the fun. We had a great afternoon session but everyone was feeling a bit tired after a long flight. So, after a few rounds for a taste for what was in store for them in the next few days, we returned to the resort for some drinks and snacks. 


On their second day, we went to the same field as the first day to start the day with a great hunt. They had the chance to shoot for a while, but the rain started falling so we had to cut the morning short. 

We chose to shelter in an estancia nearby to cook lunch. While there, we also played some Sapo, a traditional Argentine game, which consists in throwing brass coins at a lead topped table with a hole in the middle. They had so much fun betting each other!

After that, we had to return to Jesus Maria Resort because rain was pouring in the afternoon. But luckily, Maggie - their hostess for the night - was waiting for them with some drinks and amazing milanesas and french fries!


The third day, we change things up a bit because the weather wasn’t amazing, so we chose a different field. We drove them to a field in La Para area, close to Jesus Maria. We were hoping they join the 1000 dove club and they did later that day!

Doves were plentiful but a bit scattered, so we had to change posts a couple times. During the morning session they hit the 600 mark so there’s no way we would let some rain stop them! We had another amazing lunch and afterwards, in the afternoon session, they hit 1200 doves each. We couldn’t be more happy! 

When we returned to the resort, we gifted them some 1000-dove club T-Shirts and spend their last evening telling amazing stories and laughing our sides off. 


We can’t wait to meet them again!


Pointer Outfitters, Argentina

Mariano Taboada

Field guide



Edited by Mary Martinez.

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